Tax Management in Brampton


Everyone knows the age old proverb about “death and taxes” but, in Brampton, the proverb further develops into “death and the INCREASE of taxes”. According to a survey conducted this year, Brampton ranked 23 out of 33 GTA communities with high taxes. The lower the ranking the higher the taxes in that area.


Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Search for better deals for the services we need.


  • Run energy conservation programs in city properties.


  • Freeze city staff salaries for 2 years (they usually make around 11% more than private sector employees, but it may be even higher in Brampton).


  • Attract more businesses by showcasing our city’s diversity, cutting red tape and by providing environmentally friendly options such as solar power. A lot of big companies have “go green” visions.


  • Lobby Federal and Provincial governments to give Brampton more funding by convincing them we’re great for Ontario and Canada and that we’re not just another community.


  • Look to other cities to find out how they get more for less and, if it’s right for Brampton, develop similar models.


I could be like other candidates that state they would lower taxes so they can get your vote, but I think it would be misleading. Instead, we should freeze taxes so we can properly assess our services and requirements to determine where our money is being spent and if it is being spent well. Additionally, it appears that the city had cut funding for much needed programs such as arts and infrastructure, so we may need to boost or revive them with the money we save.

I believe there’s a lot of wastage of tax money in our city, and it’s really bothersome. Avoidable lawsuits, weak value purchases and poorly developed programs are just some of the reasons our tax money is wasted. And, because of our lack of businesses in Brampton, the only source of revenue would be the residents themselves. Who else can they get money from? Governments don’t have their own money. They have our money.

I believe we can get more for less. To prove this, I’ve decided to campaign  on a limited budget of my own money. I’ve refused to accept any donations from anyone. It should also show residents that I don’t have any special interests to serve if I’m elected. My bosses would only be the people of Brampton.



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