Our Security Concerns

Since starting my grassroots campaign, I’ve personally knocked on quite a few of our neighbor’s front doors. The major common theme among all the households seems to be our shared need for security.

Whether a camera system, an alarm monitoring system, a couple of dogs or even a few warning stickers, we all want the same thing: to be able to enjoy everything our homes and neighborhoods offer without being worried about safety and security.

I understand our need for security. As an employee of one of the best alarm companies in Canada, I have been part of a team that ensures our fellow Canadians around the nation feel safe and secure both at work and at home. I’ve seen some serious situations in my 14 years, and for the past few years I’ve seen those situations increase. Everything from gun violence to breaking and entering to assault plagues our beautiful city, so I’m worried, and I’m certain you are as well. 

I’ve got ideas on how the city can help its residents feel more secure, aside from simply increasing police presence. I want to get the job done without hampering or restricting the freedoms we currently enjoy. If elected, I plan on having these ideas realized and will work hard so they can come to fruition.

Together, we can build a safer and stronger community.

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