Living healthy in Brampton

Be healthy. Be happy.

How many of us know that Peel region has the highest incidence of diabetes in Ontario, with 1 in 7 adults diagnosed with the disease?

This startling fact is graciously provided by the Peel Stop Diabetes Foundation, who’s mission is to alert residents of the risks and how to prevent it. Their suggestions are directly related to the city and how it’s managed. After all, how can Bramptonians eat healthy, exercise more, and see their doctor often if they’re stuck in traffic, pay more money on wasted taxes and have high rates to join community center gyms?

Brampton has a great deal of resources for those that can afford it, so a new way is required for those that cannot. Recently, Brampton community centers have announced a 4 day pass for residents to get them motivated to join. While an excellent idea, it’s not something I’ve really seen before and hasn’t been advertised a whole lot, which means many residents would not be able to take advantage of this limited time offer.

I believe a city is only as healthy as its residents. New ideas are needed to motivate and make it easy for people to live healthy and happy lives. Young or old, everyone can benefit from eating and living well. Farmer’s markets, gym passes, reasonable pricing and longer community center hours can go a long way to achieving this. Educational sessions will also help.

I too, have neglected my health from time to time, but no longer. I am committed to getting our city and it’s residents back in shape! Let’s get Brampton fit again!


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